Designing and manufacturing of carbon parts with mold design and production. One-off parts or serial production.


Aircraft components and other composite parts such as bike frames, RC airplanes, car parts and boats. Not included are structural aircraft parts as this would require a specialist license.


CNC machining of parts up to 1200x650x120mm from foam up to aluminium. Simple parts up to complex multipart-composite molds with multiple setups.


Do you have a technical question or special project plans? I will be happy to advise you and together find a solution that suits you.

Our latest Project: Developing a Velomobile based on the Milan RS

The Milan RS, a top of the Line Carbon Fiber Monocoque Velomobile. 100% Human Powered. Just Pedaling.

Originally Eggert Bülk designed the Milan (GT) together with Jens Buckbesch. Later in cooperation with the Räderwerk(now Velowerk) Siedenburg led by Helge Hermann, the record-breaking Milan SL was developed. In the winter of 2010/2011, Eggert cut down a Milan even further to reduce the frontal area by ~20% compared to the already fast Milan SL. That's the Milan RS. 3 were built, the original cut-down Milan SL that was used to make the moulds, one prototype for breaking the 24-hour HPV record (unfortunately was canceled because of rain), and one kit was sold to Roland Schell who also tried to break the 24 Hour record, but also didn't finish. All prototypes were not really daily usable, as there were built fragile and only to break the 24-hour record.

I now had the opportunity to get my hands on the original Milan RS Shell moulds and used them to completely redesign the Milan RS. We started by making a fiberglass shell that we 3d scanned in cooperation with 3D Druckschmiede UG. With the 3d scan, I sat myself to the computer and designed all the internal components in Fusion 360. With everything designed I used my CNC router, which I also designed myself, to mill out all the needed moulds to lay up the carbon fiber parts. I started with the first mould parts in late December of 2022 and got the prototype running by early April 2023. 

My goal was from the beginning to ride the Trans America Bike Race with the Milan RS to prove that it is a capable Velomobile. I finished the prototype basically in the first week of the race. I rode it for about 2000km before flying to the USA, but I was not satisfied with a lot of things and had to optimize it during the race, as I could not postpone a race that was already planned for half a year (flights booked, etc.)

After the first week, I was mostly satisfied with my work and could start concentrating on racing. Unfortunately I was so exhausted from building the Velomobile that I couldn’t really race. I finished in 34 Days. I am really happy about that, I proved that the RS is a capable Velomobile and I had an awsome and comfortable time crossing the USA, self-supported and 100% Human powered.

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